Graphic Novels for Kids

Storybuilders - Witty, interactive graphic novels for kids

  • Express Yourself! Write in the pages along with the story
  • Customize it! Upload your photo for the back cover
  • Keep it! Someday, your parents will show it to your prom date

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5-Star Review!!!!

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RUFF! My Amazing Average Dog received a 5-star review
from the Editor-in-Chief of ForeWord Magazine:
“Part journal, part traditional book, My “Amazing” Average Dog
 invites its readers—the target audience is tweens who already have
 a dog or want a dog—to participate in its making by asking a series
of irresistible questions. The content is imaginative, the tone wry and,
 at times, hilarious: “What’s the worst food your dog ever ate?” is
accompanied by an exceptional line drawing of a dog eagerly sniffing
 a pail of “20 ‘loaded’ diapers ready 2B chowed.” Happily, such gleeful
 illustrations are featured throughout the book.”
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